Moonlight Hits with a Bang

Barry Jenkins’ most recent release, Moonlight, opened in limited release in America over the weekend and set box office records for the year. For the uninformed, many independent films will have a small initial release, generally less than ten theaters to try and make headlines before going wide in the following weeks. This initial release is measured in average gross per theater rather than overall earnings.


Image: Indiewire


In this respect, Moonlight is the biggest film of the year, and one of the biggest of all time. Showing in just four theaters, Moonlight garnered a massive $100,519 per theater average according to Box Office Mojo.

Having such a strong debut puts it in the ranks of other esteemed indie classics, such as Birdman, Midnight in Paris, and There Will Be Blood.

The trend with the films listed above is that they all became major awards contenders, the former going on to win best picture at the academy awards. This massive release has given Moonlight a huge amount of credibility and means that it will be a key player in this year’s awards season.

The indie drama tales the life of a boy who grew up in the ghetto and is discovering his identity in a world that does not accept it. the film follows him through three different periods of his life, childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood and stars three different actors as the titular Kevin.

Say tuned to The Finer Cut for more coverage of Moonlight.

Look at the rest of the weekend box office at Box Office Mojo.





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